Car Details

Don & Monika Hatfield

1973 C10 Stepside 454 with a super T10

Make: Chevrolet

Model: C10 Stepside

Color: Regatta blue

Year: 1973

When I first got this truck it had been setting behind a barn for years with trees and bushes grown through it , the mice and critters had moved in and made it there home. it had a small block with who knows how many miles on it and a TH350 transmission that looked like it had tar in it So in my great wisdom I drug it home thinking the whole way home what have I done LOL Then it started,, I pulled the carpet out to find most of the floor gone , the mice had gotten it the wiring under the dash it was junk the doors you could stick your finger through the rust , The roof under the headliner was held together by the paint. I striped the truck down to the last bolt and found a crack in the the frame of course. At this point I was about to send it to scrap but No it wasn't going to be that easy, I took inventory of what was good which was what was left of the cab , the bed a cracked frame ,the rear end and some of the front suspension. I took the bed and had it soda blasted when I picked it up it looked like swiss cheese and had been wrecked at some point At this point I wasn't even shocked !! it just got added to the growing list of parts I needed . I started cleaning and welding the cab back together rebuilt the frame put new suspension on it after about 6 months of building welding taking it back apart putting it back together I got the cab on and could roll it in and out of the garage . after another 6 months and different 3 beds and new finders and hood and rewiring the whole truck I built a 454 for it and had a super T10 4 speed built I did the body work ( A big learning curve ) I disassemble it and had it painted and reassembled it . It took a little over a year from the day I picked it up to the day I test drove it . If you still awake after reading this I will post some pictures .

No more pictures. Sorry.