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Westside Cruisers Volunteers Give Support to the 2024 Portland Roadster Show

WCCC take part in the 2023 MHRC TOY DRIVE - FUN TIMES with SANTA

Another CLEAN SWEEP of Farmington Road by Westside Cruisers Saturday 10-21-23

September 23, 2024 WCCC took part in the BEAVEFTON CELEBRATION PARADE - Great Fun

Westside Cruisers Car Club attends the TOUCHMARK Event Friday, September 8th 2023 Great Fun

Westside Cruisers took part in the Aloha Junior Baseball Peppermill Car Show August 12, 2023

Westside Cruisers enjoy the morning with the residents at Canfield Place in Beaverton July 28, 2023

Westside Cruisers member Joe Roberts Inducted to MHRC Hall of Fame Congrats Joe

Westsides Cal Gaham attended the 2023 Cruisin The Grove Event

Celebrating The Life Of SUE SPRINGER 1937 - 2023 Longtime Member & Sponsor

Westside Cruisers Support 2023 High School Challenge at Sabin Skill Center

Westside Cruiser got in the HEAT of it COOKING at the Aloha High School Auto Dept 2023 BBQ

2023 Portland Roadster Show and the Westside Cruisers Cars

Westside Cruisers Club PLAQUES are For Sale again Thanks Chris Jette'

2022 Angels On Wheeles Toy Run and Westside Cruisers Support Once Again - It's for the KIDS

Road Side Clean Up Saturday - October 15th - 2022 by WCCC Members

WCCC Harold Dickhous had his Thunderbird at Aloha High for a Student Photo Shoot

Westside Cruisers Car Club Members take part in the 2022 Beaverton Parade

NONNA EMILIA RESTAURANT hosts a Westside Cruiser Car Show - FUN Friday Event

TOUCHMARK - invites Westside Cruisers to their 4th of July Celebration - GREAT FUN

2022 Veterans Car Show - Westside Cruisers were there with cars and people to help - HOO-RAH VETS

2022 Starlight Parade at the Rose Festival VERY WET Parade - WCCC was there

Westside Cruisers member created some Prom Memories for a High School Couple HOO RAH for Chad King

Westside Cruisers at the 2022 MHRC High School Challenge at Sabin Skill Center Located in Milwaukie

WOW - Westside Cruisers Clean Up Again On Farmington May 15, 2022

the BROTHERS CAR COLLECTION Tour near Salem was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Westside Cruisers Car Club Members Visit Touchmark in the West Hills of Portland on Sunday, July 4th

WCCC gather and make a DRIVE AROUND at the TOUCHMARK Retirement Complex Labor Day 2020

WAAAM was the destination for an August 2020 Cruise and a Pot Luck Picnic Lunch - Notice the masks

Westside Cruisers got to Celebrate member Ken Horrell's Birthday with a DRIVE BY CRUISE -SUPRISE

WCCC join in with a Drive By Parade at Morning Star Retirement Center in Beaverton on July 4, 2020

GABE Is 4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - WCCC Got Together and Delivered a DRIVE-BY WISH - May 2, 2020

What they did during Quarantine - Ryan Backstrand

What they did during Quarantine - Harold & Linda Dickhouse

What they did during Quarantine - Pat & Melba Herzberg and Lynn & Bill Winfree

What they did during Quarantine - Ken and Louetta Wooten

What they did during Quarantine - Steve & Marylou Hardy and Chad King and Travis Berry

What they did during Quarantine - Steve & LaDeane Heaton

What they did during Quarantine - Dan Wooten and Joe & Priscilla Roberts

What they did during Quarantine - Chris Jette and Dave Spenst

WCCC GRUB CLUB - Meets Again - GREAT TIME at Nonna Emilia's Restaurant - Post Valintine's

WCCC help make NIGHT TO SHINE - SPARKLE with Success in 2020

Westside Cruisers Honors the Memory of Pat Padfield - April 1951 - December 2019

Westside Cruisers 2019 Christmas Food Basket Deliveries with St. Cecilia's Church in Beaverton

2019 Angels On Wheeles Toy Run and Westside Cruisers Give Their Support Once Again - A BIG THANKS

Westside Cruisers End the year 2019 at Camp 18 FUN TIME and Lunch was GREAT

Westside Cruisers SUPPORT the ALOHA FARMERS MARKET Last of 2019 Event. GREAT TIME and a PRIZE


Westside Cruisers Support - SCOOPING WITH THE SHERIFF in August 2019 with Baskin Robins 31 Flavors

Westside Cruisers support our Sponsor Ponderosa Meats and Nonna Emilia's Restaurant with a Car Show

Our Dick and Peggy White had their Ford Pick-up FEATURED at a BLUE GRASS Concert at Heart House

2019 NAPA Sponsor Car Show - Westside Cruisers show their Support for Sponsor

Westside Cruisers at Farmington Square again in 2019 - GREAT FUN

WCCC Grub Club has Dinner at Nonna Emilia's and meets Rob McQue Club Sponsor

WCCC Shows Support for the PCC Rock Creek Auto Body Dept Open House and Vendor Event. GREAT FUN

Westside Cruisers Help Our Sponsor Sunset NAPA Brake a Guinness Record - CAR WASHES

After the Farmington Road Clean up and Cruise In Diner Lunch WCCC View the Engines of George Best

Westside Cruisers CLEANED UP AGAIN on Farmington Road 04-13-2019 and had Lunch at Cruise In Diner

GRUB CLUB has Dinner in Tigard at DAVIDSON's Restaurant - FUN TIME - Many THANKS to a GREAT Sponsor

Westside Cruisers Do It Again - CLEAN SWEEP All 7 Entries Take Awards at the 2019 Portland Roadster

2019 DO-NUTS WITH A DEPUTY - Westside Cruisers spend time on the INSIDE with the COPS at Do-Nut Day

GRUB CLUB - Meets February 15th for a POST-VALENTINE DAY DINNER Great Fun & Great People

WESTSIDE CRUISERS support Tim Tebow's "NIGHT TO SHINE" with Westside Community Church

GRUB CLUB FIRST for 2019 - Meet at Tom's Pancake's GREAT FUN

DECEMBER 2018 - St Cecelia Catholic Church - St Vincent DePaul Food Basket Deliveries

DECEMBER Club Meeting - GIFTING TO THE COMMUNITY - Veterans Family Center-Night to Shine- PCC Auto -

ANGLES ON WHEELS TOY RUN and Westside Cruisers Car Club SANTA is HAPPY in 2018

DURANT OLIVE OIL EVENT - Dayton Oregon - Saturday, November 17, 2018 - GREAT FUN

WCCC GRUB CLUB at Si Senor's - Wednesday - October 31, 2018

Westside Cruisers Picking Trash on Farmington Road and Lunch at Cruise In Diner October-20-2018

Westside Cruisers Support "COFFEE WITH A COP" at The Coffee Station - Oct 3rd 2018

GRUB CLUB Meets Again at JEM-100 Drive-In in Newberg. Great Fun - Great Food - Great People

Avamere Rehabilitation Car Show - September 2018 - More FUN at the END OF THE YEAR

Aloha Farmers Market WCCC Booth - GOOD EXPOSURER and GREAT FUN

Westside Cruisers braved the threat of rain and for a show at Hearthstone of Beaverton 9-11-2018

WESTSIDE CRUISERS at a Regular FUN (Club) Meeting September - 2018 - Come meet our President Matt

Westside Cruisers at the 2018 Beaverton Parade, CONGRATS to Ken and Louetta Wooten

2018 - Westside Cruisers Again Supporting SCOOPING WITH THE SHERIFF

Westside Cruisers took part at the Bonaventure Senior Living Cruise In that our Member Craig Herring

WCCC Did It Again - The NAPA SPONSOR SHOW Was A Success 14 WCCC Cars With A Total of 30 Cars

Matt Hackney's Trailer is set up and ready to camp at the Blue Moon Wednesday Cruise-In

Concours d Elegance and Westside Cruisers Jim Wylder - Jim did GOOD!

Some Westside Members enjoying the Oak Knoll Winery Event


Rose Festival GRAND FLORAL Parade - 2018



SOCK HOP at the BLUE MOON Wednesday Night Cruise In


Westside Cruisers Featured at the Aloha High School 50th Anniversary

DAYTON, OR Cruise In - 2018 - Toured parts of Washington Co. and had Lunch in a Historic Church


ROAD SIDE CLEAN UP - Saturday April 14th 2018 and Lunch at Cruise In Country Diner

2018 PORTLAND ROADSTER SHOW 7 Drove In & Set Up and 7 Drove Out With Awards - HOO RAH WCCC

Westside Cruisers - Support ALOHA HIGH SCHOOL BSD AUTO DEPT PROGRAM Open House Feb 28-2018

GRUB CLUB Meets for February-2018 Dinner at Hale's

WCCC Supports Tim Tebow's NIGHT TO SHINE

December 2017 Angels On Wheels Toy Run


WESTSIDE CRUISERS help Washington County Sheriff's Departments SHOP WITH A COP Program Tuesday, Dece

Westside Cruisers at the Beaverton Parade September 9th

Aloha NAPA Sponsorship Cruise-In

AVAMERE REHAB CENTER Cruise In by West Side Cruisers

BRENNEKE CAR COLLECTION TOUR - Oregon City, Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 - WestSide SCOOPING with the SHERIFF

August Blue Moon Sponsor Cruise In - Thank you for your Support

Bonaventure Car Show August 2017

Westside Cruisers at SW Bible Church August 5th

Westside at the SW Bible Cruise In

Farmington Square Senior Living Show - June 2017

Veterans Car Show Memorial Day 2017

Bill's '31 Ford Model A

Covered Bridge Cruise May 2017

Westside Cruisers Members at the 2017 Portland Grand Rose Parade

Blue Moon Cruise In June 2017

What some Westside Cruiser Memders did on Dad's Weekend

Track and Autocross Action Shots

2017 Portland Roadster Show

Bonaventure Car Show August 2016

Care Center Cruise In & Model Car Show in Beaverton

Roadside Cleanup 2016

Portland Roadster Show 2011

Where was Joe Roberts Friday, August 25th 2017 on the Hood to Coast Run

Diner Cruise

BBQ at Joe and Pricsilla's Place